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Long and Short Romance Reviews
4 books


...this romance is chock full of little moments of perfect writing, adorable character interaction and fast-paced dialogue which bring to life the drama and heartbreak that is wrought by time’s whirlwind forces.
Reviewed by: Xeranthemum

  Classic Romance Revival
5 wings

Dee's writing is thrilling... The plot is solid, filled with unexpected twists and turns. The dialogue always stays consistent to the times. The characters are full of complexities... Dawn of a Viking Sunrise is a heart pounding story filled with suspense, excitement, and love in the Mists of Time Series.
Reviewed by Stephanie

The Romance Studio
5 hearts

"Tami Dee has a winner in Dawn of a Viking Sunrise. This is a book that once started, you will not be able to put down. The plot is very creative and imanginative. It's amazing how much detail is in this novel...I loved this book! It has it all -- humor, action, adventure, and romance. You do not want to miss this fabulous tale of true love!"

Reviewed by Ammie

Coffe Time Romance and More
4 Cups
"...Ms Dee has given us a thrilling twist on the standard time travel romance."

Reviewed by Hollie

5 stars

Dee's writing grabs the reader's attention immediately and doesn't let go. The plot moves fast and transitions well...Dee's descriptions are vivid using a good economy of words. It's easy to picture her novel's settings... "Dawn of a Viking Sunrise" is an action packed thrill ride filled with heartache, loss, and love.
Reviewed by Steph.

Night Owl Romance

5 stars

Tami Dee has done a fantastic job with Dawn of a Viking Sunrise. It’s a well put together story that draws you in and does not want to let you go.

Reviewed by: Dianna