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Reviews ~ Chameleon's Shadow

5 stars
Dee pens an exciting tale filled with adventure, betrayal, greed, and longing with "Chameleon's Shadow." Set in England during the 1620's, Lady Elizabetta Mitchell bears witness to her parents' murder. Will her heart grow cold in the cruel world or will she find a ray of hope with an unlikely benefactor?
...Having read several of Dee's previous novels, this one is one of her most endearing! She fashions a tale of taut suspense that heightens as the novel progresses. Dee paints vivid pictures with a good economy of words and brings a rich authenticity to the setting.

...The rich characterization is Dee at her finest. Elizabetta has nothing when she loses her parents, but her courage, inner strength, and endurance, which sees her though some tough times. Will, the hero, makes a misstep, but is willing to face his mistakes instead of running away from them.
...If you enjoy historical romance filled with suspense and highly charged emotion, I highly recommend this story.
Reviewed by Steph. 

5 stars
Tami Dee has created a resilliant character in her heroine who, after losing her family and fortune, takes to the streets of London in order to find her younger brother. Along the way she cares for homeless boys who are much like him, and builds a band of loyal entreprenuers who help her make her way in the world. Dee throws in unexpected twists and turns and keeps you turning the pages to learn what will happen next. The oft frustrated but developing romance will also keep you guessing. Definately worth the read.
Reviewed by Paula L. McElwee