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5 stars 
Dee crafts an exciting story of time travel and love with "Under A Viking Moon." Katla 'Kat' Jonsdottir and Leif Nabboddrson are two people destined never to meet until a time traveling pendant brings them together...Dee's writing is exciting. The story immediately grabs the reader's attention and doesn't let go. The story plot is tight. The dialogue is authentic to both times. Dee captures the worlds of 2006 San Francisco and 900 A.D. Denmark with amazing accuracy... "Under A Viking Moon" is a thrilling romantic read that captures the reader's imagination.
Reviewed by Steph.

Long and Short Romance Reviews
5 books!

Under a Viking Moon is a wonderful story full of love, intrigue and action. This story had me glued to the pages from the very beginning. Tami Dee draws the reader into her beautiful world and keeps you enthralled until the end. With great characters full of love and depth this story is a must read. I cannot wait to see just what comes next.
Reviewed by Mistletoe


Classic Romance Revival

4.5 Wings

This is an intriguing story, grippingly told, with a high stakes romance woven through it and a compelling hero. Leif is an honorable, intelligent, generous, caring man and very fair-minded. Kat, the heroine, is appealing, loyal and brave, willing to take on modern criminals in her quest to save others. Throughout the novel, Kat and Leif also save and rescue each other - and they need to, especially when the secret of the key Kat holds is uncovered and later, through the united power of her newly-recovered pendant and Leif’s they are returned to his past. There, Katla’s resemblance to her namesake becomes deadly and the only way Leif can save her from his vengeful family is by claiming her as his slave. The brutality of that age is vividly shown, and also the hard choices families had to make in those difficult times...The twists and turns of this novel are very satisfying and exciting and the romance is passionate and always believable while being also full of twists and turns. The ending is everything I hoped for and more.
I look forward to reading more of this exciting series from Tami Dee.

Reviewer : Lindsay Townsend

Once Upon A Chapter
3 Stars
Under A Viking Moon is an authentic and thrilling romance that travels to the ends of the earth with two unbreakable characters...
Tami Dee has proven she has the talent to create intriguing characters, gritty yet authentic historical time periods and compelling plot lines.
Reviewed by Lisa

An enchanting debut...Tami Dee weaves a magical tale of Viking lore and big city panache` with unexpected twists that will keep you turning the pages! Lisa M. Campbell
                        ~author of Superstition's Desire   
 Lisa M. Campbell
Where romance begins...


Gotta Write Network

4 out of 5 


Tami Dee has done an excellent job with this romantic time travel story. I enjoyed every moment of it and was completely caught up in the handsome warrior's dilemma. The way Kat and Leif move between time periods is seamless and believable.

Amy D.

Historical Romance Writers


I truly enjoyed UNDER A VIKING MOON. Tami's vivid description and rich detail make this story come to life. This story engages your emotions from the beginning. A must read you won't want to put down.

Reviewed by Dawna Richard




“…Absolutely riveting, as this story takes you out of your element and explores another world during a different time.”


Books2Mention Magazine


Night Owl Romance
4 stars

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back through time? Tami Dee writes a compelling love story involving just that question in this story. I was fascinated by her depiction of what life would have been like in 900 A.D. Iceland, and with the characters that she developed for this story. This was my first experience with reading a story that involves time travel and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I enjoyed this story.

Reviewd by Maria

Romance Readers at Heart


I loved UNDER A VIKING MOON. Brilliant, fast paced, and full of heart stopping moments, romance readers will eat this story up!

Reviewed by Kristal Gorman

Red Roses for Authors
A Bouquet


This is an exciting story that spans the centuries. Leif in the 21st century is amazing enough but in his own he is magnificent. I have always loved time slip books and this one is thrilling. I thoroughly enjoyed it and award the author a bouquet of roses.
Reviewed by Anne

4 Stars


Under A Viking Moon is a beautifully woven story. Ms. Dee mastered the craft so that the time-traveling was incredibly well written. The characters are real and I had no problem seeing them in my mind. At some point, I could have knocked some sense into Leif, but I could tell that his feelings for Kat were real. Kat is a great heroine that is funny and smart. I loved her and I would love to read more about Leif and Kat.
Reviewed by Anne Chaput

Romance Designs


Passionate, richly detailed time travel with a freshness sure to please the most jaded reader. Vividly described historical details, from the longhouses to the wardrobe, allow the reader to step into the past or present with exceptional ease. The chemistry between Leif and Kat is a palpable thing; readily apparent from the first meeting. A natural progression of trust and love make the characters come alive on the pages; leaving this reader with a feeling of familiarity. Myths and legends, deception, betrayal, misconception, witty dialogue; UNDER A VIKING MOON has a little of it all.

Reviewed by Lettetia

Rites of Romance


This is a time-travel tale and it is explained so well by the author that I will not bother. I'll just confuse you and, well, spoilers suck. The concept is that an ancient-era Norseman warrior name Leif and a street-smart, but sweet natured, young thing named Kat from our era, come together in a twisting little plot of curiosities, ancestry, deceptions and misunderstandings that, again, I can't reveal in detail without screwing it all up for you. This is just one of those stories you have to read for yourself if you want to immerse yourself in the feel of past and present cultures. The author certainly made me believe I was here or there or everywhere as she set her complex scenes, both past and present, with flavor and vivid, sensuous accents that fleshed them out perfectly.
Reviewed by Cat Parker ~ Rites of Romance Reviews

My Book Cravings


Myths and legends come to life in this remarkable tale of betrayal, growing trust and love.  Ms. Dee’s story is compelling and draws the reader in with exceptional details from both the past and the present.  The historical aspects of the tale are intricately detailed making readers learn a thing or two about the life of the Vikings upon completion of this story while fully entertained and enthralled in the process.  Whether Kat and Leif were in the present or the past, the chemistry sizzling between them was obvious and explosive.  Their relationship is often rocky and the fact that they don’t trust one another leads to more than one problem.  However, the ultimate conclusion is highly satisfying and leaves the reader feeling that things are “just right” with the world.  

Reviewed by Robin

The Romance Studio


Under A Viking Moon is a delightful action packed time-travel romance. Tami Dee has created a story filled with thrilling action and intrigue that grabs the attention of the reader and takes them on an adventure through time. This is a magical story filled with romance and passion where the main characters fear giving themselves to another. Leif and Kat must learn to trust one another and the love they share. Danger exists in both times and the couple find themselves having to rely on each other. Things do not always go smoothly and trouble comes from their mutual mistrust. The author describes the present setting as well as the historical in such a way as to make them real and easily visualized. There is thrilling action and excitement and it is easy to see that trust is something they have learned must be earned. Truly an exciting adventure with a creative plot that is sure to be enjoyed by the readers.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Anita

Coffee Time Romance

Absolutely Wonderful. With a Sandra Hill flair, Ms. Dee has created a phenomenal time traveling romance. Exceptionally written, this romance carries a Viking from his time to modern day, with ease. Fascinating characters with colorful secondary characters will make you laugh and cry as the story starts to unfold. Witty dialogue and steamy sexual tension are all woven in making this one extraordinary tale.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Road to Romance

The story is presented well and bring both the present and the past into play excellently. I love the characters and in this crazy world of today it makes all of us who are romantics want to believe it can be done.

Reviewed by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell for The Road to Romance


Fallen Angel Reviews


Under a Viking Moon starts out in the age of Vikings and blasts you to the present. This story is an awesome and inspiring work of love as well as trust and even sometimes betrayal. As you continue to read, you will be drawn into Leif and Katla’s journey. Miss Dee keeps you reading, unable to put this novella down until you have read the last sentence. Each wonderfully detailed scene from the long houses to the clothing lets you discover history even while you are being entertained.

Reviewed by: Debbie