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Four dark age brothers... A leader, a trader, a farmer and a warrior. Loyal Norseman who are destined to find love in extraordinary places and times...

Tami Dee's Best Selling Mists of Time Viking Series are all once again available, both in eBooks, and paperbacks.

As always, happy reading!


Together Kat and Leif tumble through time, taking with them not only a powerful attraction, but a legend of love, trust and betrayal.

Beyond A Viking Horizon

Will Iris be able to trust her heart to Balmung, a man who claims to have come from a Time one thousand years  in the past?

Dawn of A Viking Sunrise

The man who breaks Rosie's fall and captures her heart has a secret... Can she love him, despite his secret and their differing worlds?

Through A Viking Mist

Ofeig Nabboddrson, a warrior from his youth up. Eva Samsdottir, a Valkyrie called 'The Protector.'

Will they have the courage to survive in a Time not their own?