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Through the mists of time two people seek each other, in one moment, they were fighting a battle over land in the next they were spinning through time to land in the future.

Ms Dee handles the time travel well...I enjoyed this story and would love to read the stories of the other brothers to see how it all connects. This is a standalone so you do not have to have read the others to enjoy the story.


Long and Short Romance Reviews
This is a well-written story, that takes a departure from normal time travel books in that future events are changed, with no repercussions to the past. This is done on the premise that it was already done in the past, therefore the changes won’t affect what has already happened....
There is plenty of sword play, and murder, mystery and intrigue. However, there is also plenty of good-old-fashioned romance and sexual attraction....
Don’t let the “Book Four” scare you. If you haven’t read any of the other three (as I have not), you will still understand the plot, follow the characters, and really enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Iris

4 stars
Through A Viking Mist is a heart-warming read which demonstrates that the power of love cannot be held captive by time.
Reviewed by Steph 

Barns & Noble
4 stars 
If you like time-travel, honorable men and the kick-butt women who love them, don't miss Tami Dee's Mists of Time series. The author has done a wonderful job with the fourth and final book of her Mists of Time Series. I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet romance of Eva and Ofeig. It was great also to see the other couples from the previous 3 books and how their lives have changed "through the years."
Reviewed by Lexi Bourne